We find a way, or we make one.

What we do

We make the processing of a sale simple by handling the complexities of settling a market. A large share of agencies have trusted us to listen to them, learn from them, adapt quickly and always try to streamline to the flow of data to eliminate duplication.

We also understand the needs of an agency business from an accounting perspective. That’s why we invested in building our own integrated accounting system. We know that our clients have customers who will buy one week and sell the next week. We group customers by their logical business groups. We know that suppliers get paid out on different terms. We know that our ‘sales processing engine’ must be able to support the business deals needed to win the client. We know that the way charges are calculated will change every 40kms or every 4 months!

We provide a business system to handle the sales and accounting

Our business system is strong, robust, very strong on audit, can process nearly 800 transactions a second, built to purpose and customisable right down to field placement and field naming conventions.

Customer Portals

Just like online banking, your clients can access a portal that will allow them to lookup credit notes, invoices, statements, receipt, payments and statistics associated with their trades.

Marketing Portals for Agents and Reps

Just like our client portals, agents can log on while they are out in the field and lookup their clients (CRM information), view documents and information associated with their clients (invoices, credit notes, statistics), make diary notes, see who their top 20 clients are, see who sold/purchased this time last year, see which of their top clients they have not contacted in the last month. Phew…massive marketing potential to empower your people.

We provide detailed product analysis of products traded

At any stage of the month you can analyse product sold, commissions, quantities and commission rates (plus many more). You can also slice and dice the data in many different ways.

Apps that connect to RFID scanners and create sales

We have an application called eScan. This is a pretty nifty app. It will connect to your RFID scanner via Bluetooth Classic, gather some additional pre or post sale information and create lots directly into your saleG8 business system. It can be used for private sales and auctions.

Our eSaleNote app allows online/offline entry of private sales

This is an application that allows you to record the specifics of a private sale. You enter in details about the vendor, the purchaser, the lots being sold and commission rates etc. It will produce a PDF at point of sale and let your clients scribble their signatures on the screen. When ready the sale will be sent to the office and a sale will automatically be created in saleG8. Note: this app currently runs on an Android tablet.

Finance Experience

We have supported over 200 clients across two countries with our accounting system for more than 20 years (that’s a lot of 2222’s). Our capability goes right from reading RFID’s right through to producing a profit / loss and balance sheet. We have always said that a good system is one that is integrated with the commodity that you are trading. We allow 7 levels of drill down from transaction all the way through to the source documents (lots and charges).

Steady Growth

🙂 Hmmmm….very steady. 25+ years as a company, 2 countries, 200 clients and lots of experience to keep it steady.


A few years ago (2006) we decided to do a blank page rewrite of our system. We had been in business for some 15 years and we had truly learnt about supporting the business operations associated with auctioning. Our saleG8 system is server centric, cloud based, very scalable, browser based and has been proved by the test of time.


There are two main things we are passionate about. The first, is always trying to help our client out. The second thing, is if we can’t find a way then we make one.

Plans for the future

We have many plans for the future. We know one thing and that is you never stop improving. As soon as you stop improving and supporting a system it usually dies. We have been going for 25 years as a company and we have been developing saleG8 for the last 10 plus years. Our plans are to improve the automation of our business system, to improve the access to our system via our portals (to empower the people in the field), to improve management statistics in the way of dashboards and to expose the valuable information that is in your system.


Our goals are very simple. Maintain a close relationship with our clients. Make support the number one product of our business. Listen and adapt quickly to make you (our clients) leaders in your chosen field.

We have the best support team!

The team of dedicated and expert Client Services personnel provide a very fast and efficient Help Desk as well as installing software and training clients and offering business consulting advice.