Going beyond...

Our capabilities

We spent 15 years working out how to build saleG8. Then we built it. How does this make us capable I hear you ask?

Well imagine every sort of livestock sale, selling every sort of animal. Yes we have some sales where our clients sell high value stud stock and some sales where they sell chickens :). Now imagine every conceivable way of charging a commission, paying a rebate, calculating earnings and other charges. Now imagine an area that covers all of Australia and New Zealand. Now add to that, two traceability systems (NLIS in Australia and NAIT in NZ) where we use RFID’s to trace the movements of livestock.

Now imagine all the different adjustments that could be made to a sale, like wrong vendor, wrong buyer, wrong quantity, wrong weight, insurance claim, wrong GST, etc.

Well we have been doing this for 25 years. Ok…I hear you say stop.

Accounting System

Our accounting system is uniquely designed for the multi-part transaction. The multi-part transaction is a term we give to the three way nature of the transaction. Not just a supplier and a customer, but a supplier, an agency, and a customer or buyer. As a result we define our clients into their logical business groups, rather than the traditional accounts receivable and accounts payable. You can still have these breakups if you want, but saleG8 lets you go beyond this.

Every client entity in the system has the same access to all accounting operations. In traditional accounting systems, accounts payable was the only type of client that had access to payments. In saleG8 any client can be paid or can receipt money.

Within the logical business groupings of clients, each grouping can have different terms, i.e. due in 7 days, due in 30 or at the end of the month.

Bank Reconciliations and Profit / Loss + Balance Sheet Reporting are all part of the full functioned accounting system that is part of saleG8. Trust accounting is also available. Trust us 🙂

Livestock Agency Systems

Our leading Livestock Agency System is deployed throughout Australia and New Zealand to over 180 companies. We have been servicing some of those companies since 1992.

We believe it to be the only web based integrated livestock sale processing and accounting system of its kind.

The system handles all the different types of sales, like prime sales, private sales, clearing sales, stud sales, agent to agent transfers, cartage sales, charge only sales, rebate sales, etc.

All types of products can be added to the system. We have a 3 layer product system :- group, sub group, and product. This lets you group and classify your products easily so that they can be reported on at different levels.

Clearing Sale Systems

Our Clearing Sale System can be loaded on to a laptop and taken to a sale. It runs offline, meaning it does not need the internet to operate. It can also be networked to add additional workstations at the point of sale if needed.

The Clearing Sale System allows for pre lot entry or entry of lots on the go. It allows for pre buyer registration or buyer registration on the go. You can print a tax invoice as well as take payment of cash, cheque, other, payment on account or a combination.

Saleyard Systems

The saleG8 Saleyard System boasts the full spectrum of saleyard operations. All types of sales are supported. Both single scan and two scan RFID collection is also available. It reads from ramp readers and on scale RFID readers. It connects to a range of scale devices to collect accurate weights. The system displays progress on LCD TV monitors that can be used by the viewers of the sale.

The system is fully NLIS compliant supporting all types of transfers, i.e. beast report, life time traceability, saleyard in and saleyard out transfers.

The system can be used in conjunction with our Livestock Agency System for agencies that also own their yards.

It is fully integrated with our accounting system and can be used for saleyards that wish to bulk bill to the buyers in the sale.

Disaster Recovery Service

Rather than wait for it to happen you really need this service. saleG8 will backup its data and send it off site automatically. Where, if in the unlikely situation of a system failure, the data can be loaded into our cloud system. The service includes the use of our cloud system until your server is repaired.

This DRS feature has saved the bacon on many occasion. Sadly after people get a scare (i.e. when their server nearly dies) they opt into the service. Don’t wait! For the cost of a cup of coffee per day, your system is replicated offsite. We monitor the DRS logs everyday to ensure we have received your backup.

livestock auction software

Client Portal

This is a new product from the house of Myco. Just like you log into your bank and look up transactions and statements, your clients can now access their trading details through our cloud server to view:

Credit Notes

We will be adding an exports so that the accountant associated with your client can export data from saleG8 into their accounting system. Exports will be written for Xero and other major accounting systems.

eScan RFID apps

Another new application from the house of Myco. This little app connects via BlueTooth to your RFID scanner and collects data, sending it directly into your saleG8 system to create sales and lots. It has been used for calf sales and in the new Sheep EID trails happening in Victoria, Australia.

The app can run in PRE or POST sale mode. Meaning it can collect data to create pre sale information or lots prior to sale. In post sale mode, the system will add price and buyer information to the lot.

The system can be used in the field by agents to create private sales and collect RFID’s so the traceability transfers can be done.

Currently this app runs on Android devices as this is the most compatible device for scanners used.

eSaleNote app

Our eSaleNote is an amazing little app that runs on Windows tablet’s either in offline or online mode. So this means it can be used out of internet range.

It collects information that is used to create a PDF of the private sale and when ready it will send the data through to the saleG8 system where it can be actioned by an operator. The system supports the ‘on screen’ signing of documents by the vendor or purchaser.

Client information associated with the field agent is extracted from the saleG8 system along with product and location codes. Emails can be sent to either vendor, purchaser or both. When the sale is sent through to the saleG8 system an email is generated to the sale processing administrator.