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saleG8 is Market Settlement Technology that allows agencies to collect data from markets and account to all parties in a sale through a unique integrated accounting system. Well thatโ€™s a fancy title, basically we make sale processing easy ๐Ÿ™‚

A flexible charge engine

Every charge is definable! This little module took us 15 years to work out how to build. How does this help you? Well if, in processing a sale you need to calculate a charge automatically then the chances are we can do this without any software development cost to you. Our best one, is calculate 66.67% of 70% of the earnings but only when a salary agent is selling to a commission agent in private sale located east of the setting sun.

15,000 years of proof

When you think about all the sales our clients have processed, in all the areas (Australia / NZ), multiplied by all the users of our systems entering sales and all sorts of adjustments, multiplied by all the years we have been looking after these clients – this equates to nearly 15,000 person years of proof that has gone into saleG8! Awesome.

It is soooooo fast at posting transactions

Here we were (going back a few years), we had just put the finishing touches on to the software that posts transactions into our accounting system. We thought we would ‘load her up’ with a few transactions to see how the posting engine would run under pressure. We created a batch of 25,000 transactions and asked the system to post it. It took just under 30 seconds. Well our first reaction was – it has broken ๐Ÿ™ But when we checked it had all gone through. I think there was a fist pump or two ๐Ÿ™‚

We were cloud based before they invented the word

When they first started talking about cloud based systems we had to look up exactly what it meant. When we realised the concept we discovered we were already cloud based and browser based and even cake based (no I am joking about the cake base).

Integrated System

In an agency business you have a multi part transaction. Meaning you have someone selling, someone coordinating the sale (the agency) and you have someone purchasing. The accounting around this type of transaction is different to that of a standard system which has suppliers and customers. That is why we went to the trouble of building our own accounting system after many years of understanding. This allowed us to then integrate our system into our core sales processing engine. In the sales system you can access accounting information and from the accounting system you can access sales information. Making life easier where we can ๐Ÿ™‚

Audit is our middle name

Audit helps everyone (as well as the auditors). In saleG8 we have a full field level audit on core data. This means we store who changed what when. We also force an ‘in and out’ of transactions. You can not simply clear out a transaction, you must reverse it. Yes we know that this can be hard sometimes but it is the best way to enforce good accounting standards.

About Brooklyn
Practical innovation and friendly support make MYCO first in agency solutions. Plus we have hung in there for a long time and we know our stuff ๐Ÿ™‚
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saleG8 adds core processing strength to your business

The aim of saleG8 is to build a world class agency system using our Market Settlement Technology that perfects the multi-part transaction โ€“ the transaction between Seller, Agent, and Purchaser. Not all companies have the simplicity of accounts receivable and accounts payable. Our customers have clients that will buy one week and sell the following week. The accounting functions have to be universally available to all trading entities in the business.

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One Version

The original design of saleG8 was to build one version so that improvements to the core system will benefit all of our clients. To do this we had to make a quantum leap in flexibility. In saleG8 you can customise company parameters, field names, screen layout, field length, and processing behaviour. We had to be able to allow the processing of a sale to be user definable as well as the charging system and associated accounting processes.

What does this mean for you? Well it means that you have the confidence that we will be flexible in meeting your system requirements. That you have a system that is extremely adaptable and agile.

Support is our number 1 product

The Number 1 product of our company is our support.
Number 2 is making sure our systems are reliable and fast.
Number 3 is making sure we are adaptable and responsive to changes.

We always maintain a close support relationship with our clients. We care beyond the scope of our systems. We become a committed business partner to your business.

Next Generation Accounting

In our system you don’t have clients setup in accounts receivable and accounts payable. The companies that use our software are more dynamic than that. Their clients will buy one week and sell the next. They deal with multiple contractors in a single sale. They pay clients on different terms. They split invoices and credit notes based on a percentage. We allow the clients that you trade with to be setup in their logical business groups, i.e. main clients, buyers, carriers, rebate agents, trade creditors, etc.

Cloud or Local or Offline

In you don’t have your own IT team than our saleG8 cloud solution is the best option for you. We simply give you a user id and password and you are on your way.

If you are a large company, then you can install saleG8 locally on your own servers.

We have laptops that run offline that can be used in clearing sales when there is no internet connection back to the saleG8 server.

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