September 15, 2017 Andrew Lombe

CRM and Marketing Tools for Agent / Reps

September 2017 gives birth to a new web portal for agents and reps for use ‘out in field’! It is still in beta and it is due to be released in the last quarter of 2017.

The new agent’s web portal will allow agents to log on through any device:

  • to view the clients associated with their agent code,
  • to run reports that show them top 10 or 20 vendor, top 10 to buyers, who sold this time last month/year, which of my top clients have not contacted in the last month, etc.
  • to view statistic’s relating to the quantities, average prices, purchased / sold over a selectable month period.
  • to be able to choose a client and view their invoices, credit notes and statistics.
  • to be able to make diary notes against clients to record information.
  • to allow private sales to be entered and sent to your main saleG8 business system.

Lets us know if you would be interested in the new portal for your team. We would also welcome any comments or suggestions about features.



Team saleG8.